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Digital marketing multi-tool that does it all

$646.00 $49.00

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License duration and plan:

Lifetime access to JotURL’s AppSumo Growth bundle

License Activation Due:

Even though your deal is lifetime, you must redeem your code(s) by June 1, 2019

What is included:
  • 30,000 events/month
  • 10,000 tracking links
  • Unlimited projects (campaigns)
  • 1 year of data storage history
  • 5 users
  • 10 brands
  • 20 custom branded QR code templates
  • WhatsUrl & InstaUrl
  • Custom retargeting scripts
  • 5 custom domains
  • Your custom logo in reports
  • Remove JotUrl branding (CTAs)
  • Dynamic QR codes
  • 10 remarketing pixels IDs, 2 codes = Unlimited
  • Custom branded links
  • Lifetime Updates to JotURL’s Pro Plan
Stack availability:

2 codes=100K events/month,30K tracking links,15 users,45 brands,75 custom branded QR code templates,15 custom domains, and more!

Refund Policy:

60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.



Your digital marketing multi-tool that does it all

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lifetime access

Lifetime License

JotURL Deal By Appsumo

Appsumo and yet another great deal: JotURL Lifetime License! Let's take a quick look at the deal.

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Appsumo Review

Deal Description By Appsumo

Marketing nowadays means promoting your business through more channels than a satellite TV package.

And sending it out isn’t even the hard part. You still have to keep track of every distribution channel, touchpoint, and traffic source like they’re your drunkest friend at the club (please stop hugging everyone, Jill).

Meet the missing link in your marketing efforts: JotURL.


An all-in-one marketing suite that shows you which channels can help you boost ROI and conversions

JotURL connects every potential touchpoint and distribution channel through one thing: the link.

With expert link tracking and a sleek and simple interface, JotURL makes it super easy to monitor and optimize all your marketing campaigns.

JotURL’s marketing Swiss Army knife begins with branded tracking links that make monitoring your channels and campaigns a breeze, so you can see which revenue sources work best.

You’ll boost that sweet, sweet CTR (click-through-rate) with shortened URLs. Instead of long, hard-to-pronounce links that sound like IKEA furniture names, your URLs are

URLs this easy on the eyes get clicks, get you organized, and increase brand awareness.

Next, with branded and customized CTAs, you can drive traffic right back to your site, even when you’re sharing external links or dealing with mobile users.

Multiple CTA templates and gorgeous snippets (buttons, forms, apps, ads, and more) mean that visitor engagement doesn’t stop and your ROI is always at the top.

Retargeting pixels for Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more maximize your sharing power. These click-seeking missiles tag everyone hooked on your link and guide them straight to you.

Creating original content consistently is tough - JotURL gives your inner muse a spa day.

When you share content from industry sources like the New York Times and Mashable, you’ll be able to track, engage, and advertise to anyone who clicks your links and be totally GDPR-compliant in the process.

Meanwhile, JotURL’s conversions tracking makes you the master of your web domain by letting you monitor visits, clicks, installs, downloads, leads, and more in one centralized place and define marketing funnels on your terms. 

You’ll be able to optimize marketing results, identify trends, and make sure your traffic is being its best self so you can increase conversion rates and profits.

Finally, beef up your marketing on the mobile front with deep links that automatically detect which app you’re redirecting to and launch accordingly - no coding, no pain.

JotURL already has over 500 million visits and 2.5 million links under its belt and helps digital/affiliate marketers and web agencies everywhere step up their online marketing game.

With over 100 amazing features we can’t possibly list at once, the JotURL Professional Plan brings you everything you need for an all-in-one suite.

And here's what one or two codes will get you:

Trainers, bakers, movers and shakers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs use Book Like A Boss to leave scheduling clients on autopilot.

If meeting with clients involves email tag and chasing people down for fees, you’re doing the wrong kind of running. The BLAB AppSumo Grande Plan helps you run things the right way.

Check out this break-down of the plan:

Optimize your marketing links today!

For the average folk, the Professional Plan would be enough. But for you, we are also throwing in WhatsURL and InstaURL. That means you can chat on WhatsApp without displaying a phone number and optimize your Instagram traffic — on us!

Working with JotURL means you never have to look elsewhere for a digital marketing tool. Get the whole spectrum of marketing features with lifetime access to JotURL's AppSumo Plan for just $49!

With so many channels and complex flows, trying to engage the ever-changing and expanding Internet feels like trying to catch up on every hyped TV show (what do you mean, you’ve never seen Westworld?!)

To market your brand, you could jump from link tracking tool to pixel tool to analytics tool.

But why not get just everything you need for digital promotion in one place? After all, good things come in bundles, like babies and cash.

Get lifetime access to JotUrl now!

P.S. Join us for a JotUrl demo & walkthrough on Tuesday, March 5th at 11am CDT. Click here to register.