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Create high-quality content in a pinch with live suggestions from webtexttool

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License duration and plan:

Lifetime access to Webtexttool’s AppSumo Personal Plan

License Activation Due:

Even though your deal is lifetime, you must redeem your code(s) by May 1, 2019

What is included:
  • Includes future updates & features of the Personal Plan
  • Store up to 400 pages
  • 5 projects
  • 250 monthly analysis credits
  • Track 20 pages
  • Latest SEO rules
  • Content Quality module
  • Stack two codes and unlock the AppSumo Small Business Plus Plan
Stack availability:

Stack two codes = 1k pages, 50 projects, 500 monthly analysis credits, track 75 pages, 1 team member, content ranking index

Refund Policy:

60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.



Create high-quality content in a pinch with live suggestions from webtexttool

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lifetime access

Lifetime License

Webtexttool Deal By Appsumo

Appsumo and yet another great deal: Webtexttool Lifetime License! Let's take a quick look at the deal.

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Deal Description By Appsumo

Sumo-ling, you’ve got big dreams of wowing readers, hitting the first page of Google, and increasing marketing ROI, but does your content measure?

Creating quality content that checks off all the boxes is tough.

Maybe things would be easier if you had a content creation platform that focuses on readability and quality, content conversion, and search engine rankings.

Enter your web content lifesaver, webtexttool.


Easily business relationships


Webtexttool helps you craft content that is perfect for your target audience.

Thanks to webtexttool’s Content Quality Module, you can you tailor content with in-depth text analysis that increases readability and boosts conversion rates.

Plus, there are tools for reading level, tone of voice (feminine, masculine, or neutral), sentiment, and words lists to help you finetune your company's writing style.

You’ll also be able to set the status of any content project to let team members know where each piece stands in the process.

Content shouldn’t just be easy to read, it should also be SEO-friendly.

webtexttool helps you create SEO-friendly content by generating clear optimization tips as you write, so you can go live the first time you hit publish.

That’s because webtexttool is supported by machine learning and real-world analysis of data from over 30,000 anonymous users. The best performing outcomes make their way into the ever-improving webtexttool suggestion engine, so you always get the cream of the content crop.

Cat got your tongue? webtexttool’s got your back with keyword suggestions that pull in the traffic and step up your content marketing strategy.

Think of this powerful SEO weapon as autocorrect on a good day, making the climb up the ranks as easy as texting “ducking” by accident.

Once your content is out there, webtexttool's page rank tracker gives you progress updates (status: killin’ it) via email to ensure you’re still hitting your target audience.

You can even check in on the competition and see how you stack up against the SEO position of competitors.

Plus, webtexttool is ready to integrate with free plugins that let you optimize your web content directly in your favorite CMS, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Craft 2 and 3, Umbraco CMS, Outlook, MS Word, and Google Docs (pending review from Google).

Website owners everywhere use webtexttool to take their mind off SEO and focus on their content.

You want professional optimized content without shelling out big bucks to SEO agencies. We want to help. That’s why we’re giving you the option between the webtexttool AppSumo Personal Plus Plan and the webtexttool AppSumo Small Business Plus Plan.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in each and how they stack up to the regular plans:

Pretty sweet deal, right?

Get peace of mind about your SEO content with lifetime access to either of these unique AppSumo plans.

Enhance your web content today!

Everyone and their third cousin wants to put out better SEO content. Which is why there are so many tools on the market.

But the tools that can really help you are bank account busters and complicated as heck.

Webtexttool is neither of those.

With this deal (even without it), webtexttool gives you an opportunity to drastically improve your readability and SEO ranking for much better than a “good” price.

And the smooth and easy-to-use interface will not only simplify the process, but it will also make it enjoyable.

Like inserting a flash drive, strong SEO content is hard to get right the first time.

You can spend hours revising your content for your audience and trying to wrap your mind around complicated SEO tools.

Or you can bring in the traffic the smart and simple way.

Get lifetime access to webtexttool now!

P.S. Want to try webtexttool before you buy it? Click here for a 14-day free trial. (Just be sure to come back and purchase a code before our deal ends!)

P.P.S. Join us for a webtexttool webinar and Demo on February 14th at 10am CDT. Click here to register.