Xen-Pro – Full Ownership

Professional Xenforo Custom Services Brand

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License duration and plan:

Full Ownership, For Ever!

License Activation Due:

No due date. Buyer will get the ownership immediately and forever. The whole package will be delivered on the same day.

What is included:


Products (add-ons I developed and am selling. You will have full rights to: sell them, change their price, release them as free, upgrade them, use their codes to make new add-ons, sell them as subscription, and anything else)

Resources (add-ons I developed, and released them freely. You will have full rights to: sell them, change their price, release them as free, upgrade them, use their codes to make new add-ons, sell them as subscription, and anything else)

Stack availability:

The full ownership of the website and all its plugins and database will be transferred to the buyer. Only 1 person can buy it.

Refund Policy:

No refund! As all the package will be given to the buyer, there is no refund for it.



Professional Xenforo Custom Services Brand

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lifetime ownership

Lifetime Ownership

Xen-Pro Website By Hamed Azimi

Xen-Pro is a professional Xenforo custom service provider, founded by Hamed Azimi. After +2 years of providing service to Xenforo community, the founder is now willing to sell the whole website, including the full right and ownership of developed plugins.

“I always was trying to provide the best customer service. And this is why almost all of the customers of Xen-Pro are happy with it and from the 70 reviews they submitted on my add-ons, 69 of them are 5 stars and only 1 is 3 stars, and that 1 left a 3 stars because he believed that add-on has a lot of settings (which is good, not sure why he left 3 stars 😉 ). Because of this, current customers and new Xenforo users keep asking for custom works. So, if you can code, you can get good money from it (coding for XF2 is a lot easier now, especially with the full Xenforo2 official developer documentation) – To accelerate your income generation, you can start accepting the requests that currently are asked by customers (around 30 custom requests are pending on the website!)”

Hamed Azimi

What is required to keep the business operational?

If you know how to code, that would be perfect. Then you can easily upgrade the add-ons, develop new add-ons, accept custom requests,  etc…

If you don’t know how to code, then you can hire freelancers to do your requests, then start selling the add-ons or release the upgrade for the currently active products.


Start earning money by !


Why are you selling the business?

I created Xen-Pro when I was a student. Now I’m graduated and also have my own law firm and so, I’m no longer active in this area and I’m doing another business (totally different)


How does the business generate revenue?

I sell some of my add-ons. Selling license I mean. (everything is automatic. using the awesome product manager add-on which is installed on the website)

But also there is a super feature-rich ads manager system installed on the website. So you can start selling ads packages. OR use your own ads (like Amazon associate, google ads, Clickbank, etc…) as the website has a good amount of viewers, it is eligible for all of advertising or associate or affiliate platforms.


Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?

There is no mandatory expense. Almost all the licenses used in the website are renewed recently and you can download their latest version until a couple of times from now. Some of them are also lifetime.

But some of those licenses are a 1-year license (after they expire, you can still use them and there is no problem. Just if their developer release the new version, you only can download it if you renew it, which is just a few $ for 1-year extension)


How can the future owner improve the business?

You can improve it and get a lot of money if:

  • Accept more custom requests
  • Provide quick reply when they send a message (this is what I did during these years. My response average time is a few minutes!)
  • Release the upgrade as soon as it is done (this is what I did so far, and made the customers happy)
  • Add more features
  • Sell subscriptions
  • Sell Ads