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Facebook Page

Where we post our !

Saver Deals' Facebook Page is a place to share updates, news, offers, and blog posts. Only admins can post and it is not focused primarily as a contact channel (although anyone can message it and each message will create a ticket for the sender in our help desk)

The page is maily created for 1-way contact. Members or Followers of Saver Deals can't post, but they can comment on the shared content.

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Facebook Group

Where we all !

Saver Deals' Facebook Group, on the other side, is where group members can communicate. All members can post and comment. Although anyone can post, but there are some rules to keep the group neat and professional:

  • No Links (write only the name of the service, if you want to talk about a deal. Don't include any link, either affiliate or just a simple one)
  • No other discussions than the deals (the group is all about deals. No general chat, political, religious, etc...)
  • No illegal deal trade (if you have no right to sell a license, don't trade)
  • Don't share personal info with others
  • Be kind, respectful and professional. We are all friends 🙂

All members are required to follow the rules to keep their membership.

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