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Who am I?

And is Saver Deals!

I’m an entrepreneur who ran out of the budget when he lost in one of his biggest investments! Hence, A person who has a lot of ideas, but not enough money to get all the tools he needs. Finally, I found some companies out there that were trying to help people like me. I mean Appsumo and …

So far, everything looks fine. Being out of the budget now can get lifetime access to expensive tools using Appsumo deals. Cool, right? Yes!

But it’s not always working like this. Companies like Appsumo sign a contract with service providers and then offer a limited number of licenses. What if you miss them? You may miss them forever (or in the best situation, for a few months)

No Aftermarket

For the deals in other !

This happened to me a few times. Recently I needed 3 Appsumo deals but I missed them just because at that moment I didn’t have enough money. I was contacting them, to see if they still have some licenses remaining (for the rainy day :D). The answer was NOPE! Then started to search online for similar deals. And for people who got those deals but they have no plan to use it. Those who want to sell it a little bit more expensive. The websites I found were all affiliating to get a little bit of commission. No one actually was offering a similar real deal.

Later, I found a few Facebook groups about LTDs. 1 good thing about them was: they were sharing a lot of hot deals so that we can catch them. Members had no permission to share links to trade their own deals though. So, No Aftermarket!

Therefore, I decided to make one!

Saver Deals is

A centralized place to !

  • Share the link to Currently Active Deals around the web (You are right. I’ll share my affiliate links too to get some $ for the time I spend 😉 )
  • Have an Aftermarket to Buy/Sell Hot Deals after they are no longer available. (Yes, in a little higher price than the purchase price to get some interest. And yes, even you can sell your own licenses as long as you have the right to sell)
  • Bring new deals! (why not? when we become a big group of deal catchers, I’ll talk to companies to offer special deals to us)

This way, we’ll have a centralized place for all Deals-Related needs. We won’t miss a deal again, and if so, we may get it in Aftermarket. And hopefully soon, we will get some deals especially for us, that you won’t find them anywhere else!

Welcome Entropreneures

To !

Welcome entrepreneurs, to Saver Deals, and consequently, never be worried about the tools we need again! Time to speed up the growth 🙂

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